Saturday Musings

The Russians supported Trump in 2016 (despite what Trump says) and they support Bernie for the same reason…to spread CHAOS! Of course there has always been an underlying socialist/communist trend bubbling deep in the Democratic Party, and it is bubbling to the surface now, as it did in the 30s.

Weakening our political system weakens America. That is, and has been Russia’s game since the mid1930s.


The Major League Baseball treatment of the Houston Astro cheating scandal is pusillanimous at best.

The Astros’ 2017 World Series Trophy, in which they cheated to win, must be removed from them and their wins struck. Their guilty players must be punished, not just their management.

Teams, who are livid at the pat on the hand treatment, have been warned not to throw at Astro batters on penalty of two or three times the normal suspension, should begin games with scrub pitchers for whom suspensions are meaningless; a moment of silence should begin games; fans should sit out Astro games.

The Commissioner of Baseball needs to resign! He botched this scandal, completely!

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