Egalitarianism Begets Socialism Begets Communism


I wrote in my newspaper column years ago predicting that, as the Democratic Party inevitably moved along the continuum from egalitarianism to Socialism, more Democratic voters would drop away, self correcting the problem. Today, I am far less sanguine. The establishment Democrats had to cheat within the DNC in 2016 to stop Bernie, and this year they have trotted out first Biden and then Bloomberg, but both have crashed.

The Democratic Party is self-destructing right before our eyes. and Bernie Sanders is the flag bearer of the destruction today, but Hillary contributed to weakening the party, and Trump bears some past responsibility by angering Democrats so viscerally that they look to an extremist.

The past aside, today Bernie is the face of the destruction, and perhaps the Party can stem the destruction at their convention, but Bernie is not responsible. No, the “One Man, One Vote” is responsible because there will always be more poor people than rich, and, as in Cuba and Venezuela, often there are enough poor who want to take some of those riches.


The Genesis is the egalitarianism on which the Democratic Party rests. It is only a short distance between egalitarianism, socialism and then communism. It starts as wanting to see a narrowing of the distance between rich and poor, then when the bottom doesn’t respond to rising, the effort begins to share with the rich, and eventually to taking from the rich.

It is perhaps not inevitable for Egalitarianism to beget Socialism, it is simply an easy route, and always there are those willing to push for it.

Today, in the Democratic Party, there are more than usual.

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