Heads must be exploding in Sacramento. San Diego legislator

Lorena Gonzalez, already infamous for having been the progenitor for small business loss for the next five years, roiled Elon Musk by sending him a vulgar tweet.

Musk has a trigger finger, and he has threatened to move the Tesla headquarters out of California. He has also restarted his Fremont California Tesla factory, riling local county officials who had declared it nonessential. Musk said they were fascists, and challenged them to arrest him.

Fremont is way too small to anger Musk. Sacramento is too small also.

Perhaps Governor Newsom will mollify Musk, but I hope not. Government needs to be taught that they are the employees of the populace, and, even if they think we are stupid, we rule. Yes, we are a Republic, and the management of the country is in the hands of elected legislators, but Trump showed that sometimes the people erupt and act on their own, hopefully nonviolently.

Violence is not needed, the simple weight of numbers will do it. The people have been educated, they know the risks. Pandemics are terrible, and the Black Death took 40% of many European cities, but we have much cleaner cities and much better informed citizens. The weak will stay inside, the young will play and the rest will shop. A bit more judicially to be sure, but the populace has shown it can be contained little longer.

It’s called freedom. Freedom includes the right to take stupid chances.

Government Efficiency

So, have you received your “helicopter money?”

I haven’t, not that I care…but my Caregiver’s family members have, and a Green Card holder from Guatemala who came up to have an Anchor Baby, has received hers. I guess checks that were supposed to take days, has demonstrated the power of government.

Checks are going everywhere…the Catholic Churches, mega businesses, dead folks, just not to anyone I personally know who needs one.

Ahhhh…government efficiency.

total BS

Oh, God! Conspiracy Theorists Unite! (They have on FB)

I guess there is a Conspiracy Gene…something in the DNA, the permits the temporary suspension of reason. Any study of history can name at least a handful to conspiracy theories, not one of which has ever proven true…Knights Templar, Masons, Jesus’s daughter, various UN numbered Agendas, second shooter on the grassy knoll, and some guys on YouTube with COVID 19 conspiracies, and I’m certain you could name more.

All BS of course. Connecting barely visible dots. Adding Dr. Fauci’s birthdate to the 27th decimal of Pi…

Bah! Occam’s Razor Rules!