This Blog contains random thoughts that precede my columns for Pomerado Press published columns.

In effect they are unedited doodling about current events, because I like to see what subject matter most interests my newspaper readers, and I know that they do not have either the time I have for research or sometimes the range of experience I have in military, entrepreneurial, corporate, academic and non-profits. I have all of that experience because I AM OLD!

In the vein of “No man is a hero to his valet” my wife of 51 years simply says, “He can’t keep a job!”


One advantage to me is this Blog provides unrestricted space for thoughts that do not easily expand to 500 words to fit a “news hole” for my newspaper column, and of course some thoughts are far too complicated for 500 words.

But in any case, your comments will tell me which subjects touch a nerve, and those are the ones that will turn into a newspaper column.

So, we will let the Blog evolve.

5 Responses

  1. Allen:

    I appreciated your response, and I enjoyed this “Political Blog”. Please put me on your distribution list. Thanks,


  2. If you have no objections, I’ll put your blog on my blogroll. Feel free to put mine on your blogroll, if desired.

  3. I saw on one of your other about pages that you have taught computer science. I have some basic programming skills, but I would like to improve further. Since most of my work will likely be in matlab and vba, I don’t think I need to learn low level coding like c, but I was wondering if there are resources you would recommend for learning more about algorithms and efficiency in programming.

    I am particularly interested in simulations and model building.

  4. awesome work…following you 🙂


  5. Allen, Did you serve on the Diodon?

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