Sorry, Anti-Vaxers

As a Libertarian, I am more than just a bit sympathetic with the anti-vax people but I also recognize the value of the herd effect of vaccinations in a civil society.

I know the anti-vax people believe their cause, but we live in a society into which hundreds of thousands of low-income illegal aliens flood our nation annually from Third World countries, and we no longer have Ellis Island to check them for disease.

I sympathize with the anti-vaxers, but that’s about as far as it goes. If there were a sufficient number of the in a geographic location, I could see establishing a Charter School for them so that they could exchange diseases among themselves (and there may be in Marin County and Orange County), but that’s about it for accommodation.

The standard public school system is so bad that such a solution might benefit everyone.

This Mary Had a Little Problem — President Obama

Mary Landrieu is toast, but it is not all her fault…admittedly, she bungled what little chance she had. Coming from a highly regarded political family, with decades of experience in Washington, she could have run against Obama and done better.

Unfortunately, Mary voted for Obamacare, so she couldn’t run against it. She supported Obama in too many areas, for too long, and was not able to nuance a position. Serving in Washington with her Democratic colleagues having dissed Obama would not be too comfortable.

So, what happened to the reliable Democratic stronghold of the South, that with Mary’s defeat there are zero Democrat Senators, zero Democrat Governors, and zero Democrat Legislatures?

CBS News (yes, THAT CBS News!) quotes Merle Black, professor of political science at Emory University, “The Democratic Party is now dominated by very liberal politicians from the Northeast and Pacific coast and from the metropolitan areas of the country,” he explained. “Their priorities, interests, and values have very little appeal among white southerners.”

…Black argued, though, that the opposition to the president has less to do with his race and more to do with his agenda.

“There may be a little bit of that,” he said of the possibility that white voters oppose Obama because of his race, “but that is a much smaller part of it than the policy positions of the president.”

Obamacare is NOT Healthcare — It Is Insurance!

Please! Please! Stop talking about Obamacare as health care! We are discussing INSURANCE!

Every swinging Richard in America has ALWAYS had health care for EVERYONE!

In Washington, D.C., Martha Rigsby is a “Frequent Flyer” who, now under a Court monitor but has called 911 THOUSANDS of times — she and every ambulance in the city are on a first name basis. She gets Healthcare, even though she is a mental case, because the ER doesn’t want to miss something and get sued!

A guy named Solis ran up a MILLION DOLLAR medical bill in Solano County (CA), and I read often about more than 250 homeless in San Diego who were labeled “Frequent Flyers” and an effort made to get than cheaper medical care without 911, ambulances and Emergency Room.

EVERYONE gets, and got Health Care. What we are arguing about is the ability of a needy person to present a CARD, and feel that they are not supplicants, when in fact they have only gone from supplicants to welfare recipients. They still do not pay their costs — those are picked up still by others…and all at the cost of billions of dollars.

Medical Self Esteem — writ large, and expensively.

SCOTUS Gets Another Bite of the Apple

The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has accepted a case in which it will decide whether a word commonly used in the U. S. really means what it is usually accepted to mean.

The SCOTUS decision will be important to the continuation of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and while very important politically to Obamacare, it is far more important to the question of the expansion of the Court’s ability to interpret the English language.

This decision will be a crapshoot because Congress has passed laws that clearly violate the specific wording – see the First, Second and 10th Amendments.

The question this time is the meaning of the words, “established by the state.”

Now you may believe that you know what that means, but politicians – who are usually attorneys – always want to argue what the meaning of “is” is.

Section 36B of the IRS Code, which was established by the Obamacare bill, says that tax credits for those who otherwise qualify, is only for those who participate in exchanges “established by the state.”

But 36 states never established an exchange! The federal government then established exchanges for the states as a fallback position, but was the exchange then “established by the state”?

The IRS promptly issued regulations saying that federally run exchanges can substitute for state-run exchanges.

Because two different appeals courts have disagreed on what the subject wording means (no surprise there – they are attorneys), the Supremes get the opportunity to weigh in on the subject. They too are all attorneys, but there is no requirement that they be attorneys. (All have been attorneys, but not all graduated from a law school or even attended one. But that’s another story.)

The 4th Circuit said yes, the Feds could substitute for states, but the D.C. Circuit said the Feds could not substitute for states. This is more than just an exercise in English, because if SCOTUS rules with the D.C. Circuit, and the words mean what you probably think they mean, Obamacare is severely crippled, possibly crippled, possibly fatally crippled.

As you might guess, there is more to the story than just a ruling by the D.C. Circuit having ruled that “state” actually means state. That ruling was made by a three-judge panel, so first the Obama administration appealed to the entire appeals panel, then slow-walked the appeal hoping to win by default, but the litigants went directly to the Supremes hoping to get a hearing, and they did.

With the new Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, Obamacare will be modified in several ways unless the President becomes the obstructionist he has accused the Republicans of being. A SCOTUS ruling upholding the D.C. opinion that “established by the state” actually means established by the state, may eventually prove fatal. A lot will depend on Justice Roberts, and since the Justices DO read the morning paper, how offended he may personally be by the videos of Jonathan Gruber.

At the very least, this case will establish which Justices can read. It may also, almost incidentally, put another nail in the coffin that is Obamacare, a very unpopular piece of legislation that contributed heavily to the rout of Democrats in the recent election.

Quick Hits

The Russian Ruble has lost 20% of its value against the Dollar since the beginning of the year, and that (among other things) has caused the Russians to remove the threat of freezing out the Ukrainian people over the Winter.
Putin, of course, ups the ante by causing constant internet attacks against the White House, and sending Russian bombers into or near European air space.
One cannot judge whether the sanctions are working and Putin is feeling pinched, or if Putin is simply being Putin.
The fear of EBLOA is unwarranted, primarily because we live in a First World nation with a very successful medical system — the Texas hospital notwithstanding, but they were dealing with the first EBLOA patient for whom they were not prepared.
We need perspective. Thousands of Americans die each year of Flu.
Plague was once so prevalent in Europe that it appeared almost annually in the form of pneumonia, smallpox, bubonic, etc. and it decimated the population of almost all ancient cities each year by some 10%. Obviously, modern medicine in First-World nations can easily contain EBOLA.
That does not mean that prudent measures should not be taken — and overreaction beats under reaction by a mile!
Without getting into the merits of any particular case, almost everyone who opposes “Developers,” lives in a home a Developer built, drives on a road a Developer paid for, and shops in a Developer built neighborhood shopping Center.
Those arguing for natural habitat, live in a home built on what was once the natural habitat of animals.

Does Anyone Ever Learn — Communism Does Not Work!

The Venezuelan situation is so bad it is actually funny!

Venezuela has more oil under it than anyone — including Saudi Arabia — so it should be a filthy rich country, but instead it is rationing food and even diapers — while it imports oil from Algeria! Venezuela was teetering when oil was selling for $100+ a barrel, and now that oil is at $80 and falling…

How is this possible? The answer is Communism, first under Hugo Chavez and now under Chavez’s hand-picked successor, Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan economy has been so mismanaged that there have been shortages of toilet paper. The Communists are so enamored with helping the poor that they sell gasoline for 5 cents a gallon, but one woman quoted had to stand in line for three hours to buy two packages of diapers. She had tried cloth diapers but could find no detergent to was them.

Some airlines have stopped flying to the country over disputes over fuel costs, and some newspapers have stopped printing because of the lack of newsprint.

The nation staggers on with the “help of its friends.” Communist China has restructured their loan, and Communist Cuba has provided Doctors, but with fewer oil reserves, Saudi Arabia pumps 11 million barrels of oil a day while Venezuela staggers along with three million barrels.

Incompetence, buttressed by a failed ideology is not simply the provenance of The District of Columbia.

(Lazy Day) Quick Hits

Uber/LyFt/Sidecar are the new weapon(s) the Republicans are using to carry their message of free enterprise and lower regulation.

While it is true that Democrats are the party of the Big Government, and the usual recipients of union money, including Taxi Union money, it is actually the bureaucrats that want regulations, so they have jobs regulating.

Uber, et al. are just the tip — albeit the visible tip — of business disruption, and that will be followed by political disruption, as politicians line up for Uber or Taxi union money, and and social disruption, as taxi drivers strike or vandalize.


I was watching the PBS Newshour last night, and thought they gave a subject of the ethics of supplying the Ebola pills to our own Doctor and Nurse, while inevitably there are calls for the experimental drug to go to Black African — it is even being studied by the World Health Organization, part of the ever useless United Nations. What they are actually studying is if ANY experimental drug on humans, before it is fully vetted by the usual bureaucratic entities.

Families of dying people, I can say with some personal certainty, will take inordinate chances to save their loved ones.

So, who should first get a limited supply of anything? It would be easy to say, whomever is best able to pay for it — either individuals or nations. Producing a drug can cost billions of dollars, so the cost is astronomical and has to be paid by SOMEONE.

The definition of Economics is the management of scarce resources. There is no question that this serum based in San Diego by a private firm, is scarce, so, in a Free Enterprise system, the serum goes to whomever pays for it.

I know that drives liberals wild. Deal with it — it is an American product, and we can afford it.

That is why not everyone drives a Ferrari!