San Diego Fires are Contained

The Lilac Fire in San Diego is 92% contained but San Diego has dodged a bullet — this one could have easily gone all the way to the ocean, wiping out Oceanside!

As it happens, this one went right through horse country, and San Diego County has the most horses of any County in America. We lost 49 horses, mostly thoroughbreds being trained at San Luis Ray Downs.

A friend of 40 plus years had to evacuate her family and horses from her nearby ranch, the Four Fillies Ranch. The San Diego Humane Society rolled up with their horse trailers and saved their horses, but I saw trucks and horse trailers lined up as far as the eye could see, waiting for instructions as to where to go to evacuate horses.

Fortunately, our San Diego weather has held at 80 degrees each day but we need rain. Rain is a two aged sword, it dampens fires but makes a future generation of weeds and underbrush grow — the fuel for future fires.


Sinecures in D.C.

Great article in the LA Times today about getting the bureaucrats out of Washington and into other parts of the country.

I think it would be great to move the entire national apparatus to Denver or Salt Lake City, and I have written newspaper articles to that effect for years. In this day of instant communications, where the physical headquarters lay, is virtually immaterial.

The Washington, D.C. area has generated more than 10 generations of bureaucrats, and some individuals have their DNA at the same desk for about 200 years. It is time for a change.

This idea has been studied by many administrations, at least back to the Reagan administration. No one has been able to pull the trigger, but Trump is certainly able to effect ideas that have generated for decades, as the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem has demonstrated.

Bureaucrats of course have shot down the idea. Their positions have become generational sinecures, but the time is long past for new blood. One proposal is to move the Department of Transportation to LA, another to move the FBI to Detroit.

As one of the Cabinet members notes, the Bureau of Land Management controls federal lands, and 99% of those lands are West of the Mississippi.

There is no better way to drain the swamp!

Lilac Fire Was Too Close

The local fire started 10 miles north of us, and went straight West, sparing our small community. Firefighters just switched from defense to offense.

So far, this local fire has burned 60 homes. In the last huge fire, San Diego lost 2,100 homes but we are much better prepared, and we have Navy and Marine assets in use. In the big fire, in 2003, Navy firefighting helicopters sat running on the runways. Today, they fly.

This fire is concentrated in Bonsall, a big horse community. Some 800 horses have been rescued and taken to the Del Mar racetrack, but at least 15 horses died. Many private horse trailers from as far away as Arizona are lined up to effect rescues.

Del Mar put out call for hay, and they now have a mountain of hay. San Diego is responding.

Our community is particularly vulnerable. We are 1,800 homes at the top of a 1,500 foot hill on a huge natural mesa. The cheapest home in our community is valued over half a million dollars, and we have only one way up the hill and down the hill.

Our personal situation (if we have time) is to grab valuables, including paintings, push them into plastic bags and take everything just 100 feet onto the golf course. We have a pond for our personal protection if the firestorm gets too strong. The golf course won’t burn, and they will have their huge sprinklers going full blast IF THEY HAVE ELECTRICITY. Our personal concern is smoke.

Our home is a shake shingle home that will be an absolute torch! We have a new roof going on today, but it is no help in a firestorm.

It Is strong Santa Ana winds that cause our fire problems. We had mild temperatures yesterday, 77 degrees, and winds of 60 mph, and humidity of four percent. It happens often at this time of year.

Not In MY America!

While I hope the baker wins the SCOTUS case, I deplore that it is posed as a religious right vs discrimination.

I believe even an Atheist like me should be able to refuse service to anyone he damn well please! No customer should be able to shut down a business the owner has spent years, and many dollars, developing.

Having started a small business, and taught writing of a business plan in a university, only those who have opened a small business can know the angst, the time and the hundred of thousands of dollars put into opening the door of a small business. In my case, even in the 70s, it took a year of dedication and a half million dollars.

The knowledge of what it takes to start and successfully operate a small business was ably demonstrated to me by my hundreds of students. Their ignorance mirrored the lack of knowledge of the average non owner public.

The very thought that someone who has no skin in my game could enter my business for the first time, and, based on my business decision over a $100 sale, destroy my business, force the sale of my home and cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars is beyond belief!

Not in MY America

….at the cost of their soul.

How does the Judge Roy Moore episode educate us?

It tells us there is a section of Trump supporters, zealots to be sure, who put political success over breaking the law. That policy may well extend to the president of the United States. Unlike Richard Nixon, Trump is unlikely to step down, even if indicted.

Right now, the Trump administration is doubling down on Moore, but that might become an untenable position. Each day, more evidence appears that Moore is lying about knowing the women when they were young girls.

Perhaps Trump is hoping that Moore will win, get sworn in, resign and let the Republican Governor appoint a less flawed Senator. The proof that a deal has been made is the resumed participation of the Republican Party.

That is risky, but from a political standpoint, it will retain a Senate majority for the Republicans.but at the cost of their soul.

How Many Errors Led to Kate?

San Francisco policies killed Kate Steinle, “”But for” this guy not being in Mexico, where he clearly should have been, Kate would have been alive today.

The federal government does not get a pass. Returning to the United States after being deported is a FEDERAL FELONY, the defendant should have been in a federal prison, inasmuch as he had been deported six times.that is five times that federal prosecutors elected not to prosecute.

There are many people who could have prevented this tragedy, but no “journalist” will do the investigative reporting although it would make an interesting book. Many judges, many prosecutors and probably a bunch of detectives didn’t do their jobs. Perhaps some enterprising reporter will seek the truth, and name names.

My nose is starting to twitch

. My nose is a better radar than most predictors, and my nose says we are approaching crunch time with North Korea.

South Korea, and Japan have learned to live with a nuclear NK, but when the East Coast is under threat, the time has come to do something…at least in the eyes of the East Coast.

President Trump says we will “handle it” but, unless we have a secret weapon that can reduce the NK threat but spare Seoul, we have lost the game. I think we have lost the game, but what do I know of the Secret Weapon, assuming it exists.

The entire non-nuclear Air Force and Naval Air Force, Plus the missiles available could not destroy the NK million man Army, plus the 15;000 plus artillery aimed at Seoul. We can take out the nuclear and missile capability of the NK, but we can’t, I believe, stifle their retaliatory strike on the South unless I am missing something.

And I well could be missing something. We may have a weapon designed for an apocalyptic war with China and Russia that we can unveil to change the obvious equation. I hope so, but I have no confidence in it.

It’s the “pay me now or pay me later” syndrome, and we are at the “later” stage. It is a heavy lift without using nuclear weapons, and perhaps we must employ nukes. We can do it if we use nukes, perhaps tactical nukes to stop the retaliatory threat, one or two nukes on specific nuclear and Command And Control sites, but as much “Shock and Awe” conventional weapons as feasible.

Once New York and Washington are vulnerable, sphincters tighten in Congress.