Prison, Anyone?

For 20 years an aluminum extruded company has been providing product to NASA, and those extrusions have been below standards, purposely.

The results, according to a government investigation, were two missile losses along with associated payroll, totaling some $700 million. The Oregon Company, Sapa but now Hydro Extrusions Portland, has been reorganized after committing this fraud. It paid $46 million in fines and faces still more in criminal charges for falsifying inspection results.

Two questions: Why has not this been important news, and why are the Principals not already in prison?


A Walkoff, Pinch Hit Home Run.

The Padres fought the hated Dodgers two straight nights only to lose by one run each time, once in the ninth inning. Sunday looked like a repeat with the Dodgers leading by one in the ninth inning, but in the bottom of the ninth the Padres got the bases loaded, using two bunts for base hits. There were no outs, but then there were two outs, with the bases still loaded.

The Pitchers position was next, but the Padres put in reserve outfielder Hunter Refroe, who promptly drove a pitch over the wall for a pinch hit, walk off, bases loaded home run, and the Padres sent a message in all three games that the Padres would need to be respected if not feared.

When Tatis gets back, the Padres will go Dodger hunting.

My Hero Worship

With all the moralizing some of us do, I find it fair strange that this month the world celebrates the profound genius of the illegitimate son of peasant, possibly a Dollymop. Leonardo, was also a homosexual, served jail time for homosexuality, so he was also a convicted felon. He didn’t have a college degree or any formal education.

Let’s just say he probably couldn’t make the dinner table of most Christians , and in most Muslim countries he would be beheaded.

This month is the 500th Anniversary of the death of Leonardo of Vinci, probably the most brilliant, and certainly the most accomplished human that ever put on a pair of sandals.

There is no sense in trying to catalog his greatest accomplishments, but his paintings of which few remain, are the most visually stunning. The Washington Post today features an article on the writer’s being gobsmacked at the sight of The Last Supper. I have only seen his paintings in person in the Russian Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, although it now contains two: The Benois Madonna, and The Litta Madonna. The Louvre has a third of all his paintings.

My Study has always been adorned by his self portrait, and books of his works, and he has always been a study in close to worship. I have seen his traveling invention display, and this year there are many tours tracing his life. Only my lack of mobility denies me this last pilgrimage.

If you can imagine a small area of Italy where both Leonardo and Michelangelo were alive at the same time?

Devolved Into An Absurdity

Martina Navratilova and several others argue in the Washington Post today that the Equality Bill, introduced in both the House and Senate, is not fair!

They want an exception for Title IX sports.

The Equality Bills make no such exceptions as written. Under the Equality Bills there could be no Women’s 100 Meter and Men’s 100 Meter Dash…just a single 100 Meter Dash, men competing against women.

I have argued for this for decades. Having separate but equal is inherently unequal…I heard this somewhere in my youth.

Martina Navratilova argues that the fastest woman in the world at 400 Meters had her time eclipsed by 275 high school males in 2018, and on 783 occasions. America’s best woman high jumper had her best jump exceeded by 50 male high jumpers last year by 50 high schoolers just in California.

Of course one of the impetus for an Equality Act at all is because of Transgenders and their demand for equal treatment. Rather than try to divide the sports further into four categories, the Equality Acts say, and the ACLU supports just a single category, and the Devil take the hindmost.

In our search for Equality, we have finally devolved to this Absurdity. It is obvious to me that Men and Women are not equal, they are not the same and that trying to meld them into one is a biological failure.

First Amendment

Arghhh…surely I should not need to remind Tucker Carlson that Amazon can block/ban/ignore books all they want without coming near the First Amendment, because the First Amendment ONLY protects against government reaction against expression. Amazon is a private concern.

So is Facebook. Both Facebook should be castigated for their political bias, but it doesn’t savage the First Amendment, But Tucker conflates the subject of private interests and government agencies.

To Tucker’s credit, he catalogued the problems of the Obama Administration’s actual Government violations of the First Amendment. Does the name James Rosen ring a bell?

I deplore the actions of Amazon and Facebook. Unfortunately, they are ubiquitous, although I use DuckDuckGo as an alternative to Google as much as possible, and shop WalMart Online more often than Amazon. I have no alternative to Facebook but the guys they took off their private system are not a violation of the First Amendment.

Some Are Close Friends…

The idiot who attacked the congregation of Temple Chabad in Poway, and whose name should not be mentioned ever again, should have been identified by someone before his cowardly attack.

Lori Gilbert Kaye died, putting herself before the Rabbi, took a bullet, and died. An unarmed Army Veteran rushed the attacker, chasing him into his car. An off-duty Border Patrolman put a bullet into the attacker’s car as he fled. That bullet may have cemented into the attacker’s mind that he could die young for his attack.

Facing life in prison is an equally daunting event for a 19 year old, although I doubt that most 19 year old college students have thought ANYTHING through. In the past, Tom Metzger, famous KKK leader lived in our North County but nothing has been heard of anything untoward in years. There are plenty of activists and radical fellow students at Cal State, San Marcos with this idiot, so his opportunity to attack people with whom he disagrees were close at home.

I know many in the congregation of the Temple. Some are close friends. They are shocked, and I am angry. If I were any longer physically capable I would gladly act as armed security for their services.

The FBI will unseal a terror plot designed for multiple Southern California targets this afternoon. What is going on?

Only One Idiot, I Hope

The Poway Shooting, while not a “massacre” was indeed a Hate Crime against Jews, and within, literally 100 yards of a home I lived in for 22 years.

There is a strong and vibrant Jewish community in Rancho Bernardo/Poway, and this crime will not cause it to crumble. The Jews in the area are truly a strong group, and I must admit that this came out of the blue. There is no culture of anti-Semitism in the area, and unless someone finds a college group in Cal State San Marcos, this is just one crazy idiot. Of course it’s a college campus, so who knows? This same idiot attacked an Escondido Jewish Temple in Escondido recently, he admits. It’s way early, but the murderer appears to be just a nut, at this time.

I wrote for the local paper for 35 years. This is my old stomping ground, and these are my people, not in the religious sense but in more than the geographic sense. This Jewish community is not some aging group of retired lawn bowlers, it is a strong, active group of warm, wonderful people.

I mourn with them.