Toxic Culture

There is a FaceBook Meme that notes the fact that rural Texas (of my young age) school kids had rifles in every back window in school parking lots, but no one shot up schools.

Why, was the FB question.

The answer is Cultural Rot, caused by a majority suddenly worshiping Lesser Gods. The Genesis of this is a questioning of Western Culture.

This is insane! We live in Western Culture,, getting the benefits each and every day. There is no African equal to Bach, no American Indian equal to Da Vinci, no Australian Aboriginal equal to Chaucer! Drawing parallels with cultures who never invented the wheel, much less the printing press is completely delusional, worthy of assignment to a Laughing Academy with an annex for Shrieks!

I love jazz, an African based music, but in my youth I knew that it was a lower form of music to symphonic music. Today something called Rap with an African base is far more accepted than symphonic, a Western civilization based music. “Art” has devolved into paintings that are, literally, done by Chimpanzees, and Performance Art, which can literally be anything. Dance performances look nothing like the Ballet given us by Western Civilization Culture, and that which is popular dance is more like an exercise class than the romance of Western Culture.

But the one common thing that holds a culture together is language, and that has been totally debased. I was a Sailor at age 17 and I know, and use the Sailor’s vernacular well. Recently, I unfriended my Granddaughter because she poster something often Facebook that was so vulgar that it would offend a Sailor. Our Culture once differentiated between male locker room, and ship engine room talk, and ladies talk, But today girls use the “f” word liberally. In public! In mixed company!

It is far greater than just a generational change recognized by my elderly self, and naturally attributed to “The Next GenerationIs Going To Hell Syndrome”…it is a cultural change on steroids, debasing EVERYTHING in not just acceptance of the lesser, but inverting the scale. The lesser is the suddenly the greater.

Entropy is probably natural in civilizations, or in more common terms, cultural rot is normal but our particular cultural rot is in a disastrous spin. In the past, higher culture brought society culture up, now lower society brings society culture down. Witness TV “Reality Shows” which only project the lowest common denominators.

It is in this diminished cultural climate that the mentally ill discover they can achieve immortality by seizing guns and killing. In my Texas youth, every kid in school owned pistols, rifles and shotguns. Many had them in their trucks, and my graduating class had some bad kids. A few had felonies on their record, and several were mental cases, but that is not the kids shooting up schools.

No, it is loners with access to guns. Their parents know they are misfits, but if they know they are stocking guns they don’t call police. Some of my friends won’t support Red Flag laws, but they encourage family and friends to break the nexus between the mentally ill and guns AND the apparent need, in this culture, to ascend in publicity where they could not go in future financial success.

But it is the culture, the overall culture of Rap lyrics, Reality Shows, Priests Who have raped children by the tens of thousands, non Art, and yes, Donald Trump who is crude, lewd and rude but who defines us as a nation, into which these crazed killers feel free to operate.

It is the culture which provides them success. The guns and mentally ill coexisted before, only the culture has changed and it has vastly diminished. No individual part of it is responsible, but taken together it is toxic.

Physical Attributes In Military

In 1200, war was hand to hand, swords and pikes, and physical strength was paramount.

Then came stand off weapons. The British Longbowman, a STUD with great right-arm muscle.

In the West, the British Longbowman was a long distance killing machine. The Chinese used gunpowder, but the West used the Longbowman, deadly at 200 yards, still scary at 300 yards, and the British Army needed horse-drawn trains of carts to keep the Longbowmen in arrows at 12 arrows a minute per archer.

That was followed quickly by canons, and artillery, requiring much muscle for positioning and loading…

Now men and women in a Las Vegas bunker, fly drones in Afghanistan and kill with missiles. You can be a transgender, 400 pound with no legs and conduct perfect kills…negating the physical aspects of war in the current and distant future.

Drudge reports that the Navy is the fattest service. “Big Deal” in warfare terms, although it isn’t good in PR terms. Like all services, automation is the effort in the Navy, with automation of existing ships, and autonomous ships and submarines already at sea.

Physical attributes will make less and less difference in the future. Of course most of us will always want to fight the last war, but real planning for future wars is important in the real world, and in the real world, physical attributes will be still less important.

They already are, we just won’t acknowledge it.

Red Flag

The matter of gun control remains on the front burner because Chicago remains in the background every weekend, but someone, somewhere increases that base. In addition to gang warfare, which is always there as ambient noise, some mentally ill idiot kills many innocents.

I have written before of the nexus between guns and the mentally ill. Something needs to change that equation and there is no Constitutional right to be insane.

Many of my fellow NRA members scream about Red Flag laws, citing potential abuses, but every law can be and usually is abused. California has a Red Flag law, as they call the Gun Violence Restraining Order. San Diego has utilized Red Flag, and it has been used liberally, but well. Our DA has used the California Red Flag more than 300 times, and as I read some of the instances, I would disarm those individuals also.

Threats of suicide represented 25% of the San Diego County use of Red Flag, and 18% were PTSD and mental health. Judges use the Red Flag law in Domestic Violence cases, and the District Attorney used Red Flag in threats. In one case a worker at an automobile dealership made threats at a water cooler, and after the DA took the threat to a Judge, they found an Arsenal ,

Judges can remove guns for up to a year, and in some cases, a renewal can be instituted.

A Study by the Annals of Internal Medicine analyzed that since 2016, the State law has intercepted 21 potential mass shootings through Red Flag laws…not to say that those would not have been reported by family or co-workers.

Obviously, the Second Amendment is paramount, but at least in San Diego County the nexus between gun possession and mental illness is being interrupted successfully.

Whether SCOTUS ultimately agrees is up in the air. We will soon know

China Rising

The looming trade war is long overdue, and had it been done in a better fashion when we had greater leverage, we would have suffered less as a nation. China has been eating our lunch for decades, and in a manner that it intolerable in the long run…which is to say they regularly steal trade secrets.

I don’t care about their low-cost manufacturing whupping up on our toy industry. I care about their stealing of industrial secrets, which is done on an industrial scale. Time to cut off that spigot.

We still have leverage, although it will hurt us more than it would in the past. Our trade war could overlap into a kinetic war over either the island of Taiwan or the reefs the Chinese have fortified in the South China Sea in order to extend their “Territorial Waters” — which is concentrated piggy poo, and they know it. The International Court has told them so, but since they consider themselves the “Center of the Universe” they expand where they want to expand.

One thing they fear is the Japanese, and with good historical reason. They should fear us more because we defeated the Japanese, but recently pacifist doctrine has swept both the US and Japan, but not China, so China is acting more robust.

Recent wars we have engaged in were ground insurgencies so our Navy has been largely ignored in weaponry, and what we have is a bit rusty in warfare, but that is where we may be challenged.

Trump is not looking for a fight, in fact he is shutting down the Middle East as fast as feasible, but he is not likely to back down in Asia. Like the Trade War, a kinetic battle is better in the recent past, or now.

It would not be better in the future.


On a more serious note than the usual FB fare, I have tried the new non-meat meat, the Impossible Burger from Burger King.

Reaction: Can’t tell the difference.

Some wags who write for popular magazines have more sensitive palettes, have declared the non-meat meat to be 85%, but my palette can’t taste a difference and I am a big Whopper fan. Your mileage many vary.

The new debate is over the advantage of the non-meat meats in nutrition or heart hearty advantage. Having had a five-way heart Bypass, I am sensitive to that information when it comes. Right now, there is no information that makes the Impossible Whopper worth the higher price it costs, except to Vegetarians, but should the vegetable “meat” turn out to be more Heart-healthy, I’m all over that new alternative


I learned recently on Tucker Carlson’s show that there are some 30 emotional support animals authorized to fly airplanes, including tiny horses.

I don’t want to fly in an airplane where someone is so emotionally fragile as to need a horse, or a monkey for that matter. These are people who rush cockpits and try to open loading doors at 30,000 feet!

People refuse to sit next to a Trump supporter, or bash their significant other with computers in today’s aircraft, and I don’t recall any of that in past decades…we seem to have a fragile population.

But a tiny horse? You are kidding me. If they are that emotionally insecure, I don’t want to be on the same plane!

SCOTUS Get Warning

Five liberal US Senators have threatened the Supreme Court to drop a hearing of a New York gun case, or face an effort to “restructure” the Court!

This is probably a threat to “pack the Court” as was FDRs intention when the Court of his administration angered him. Packing the Court appears to be a Democratic Party response since I do not recall any attempt or treat to do so during the leftist Warren Court.

I do recall billboards calling for “Impeach Earl Warren” dotting across the landscape, but as ThinkProgress remarked this is a “Declaration of War” against what they perceive as a conservatively political Supreme Court, driven by the concepts of the Federalist Society.

(For the record, I hope they are right, because I support an original reading of the Constitution. As the deceased Justice Scalia brilliantly said, “The Constitution says what it says, and it doesn’t say what it doesn’t say.”

A NYC law is the case that has caused the five leftist Senators to “warn” the SCOTUS. The law forbids the bringing of handguns into city limits, even unloaded and in a locked container separated from ammunition.

Fearing a judicial review that would give SCOTUS another bite of the gun control issue, the progressives worry the gun rights might actually be expanded, as in “…shall not be infringed.”

NYC doesn’t want the law reviewed and has made changes so that the progressives can claim the SCOTUS will be reviewing a law that doesn’t exist, and perhaps drop their review.


It is in this toxic environment that one branch of the government threatens another. We will see what happens on or before Oct. 1 when SCOTUS is scheduled to hear the case. I suspect that this “warning” will amount to nothing, unless the Senate and President goes Democratic in the next election.