Winning a Close One

In a previous post, I noted that Republicans have learned to play the game, but actually they were playing different games—the Republicans were playing Cricket and the Democrats were playing Rugby. Republicans are new at Rugby, while the Democrats are tough and experienced.

Being new at Rugby, Republicans are still wearing Whites and avoiding a scrum, but at least they have a new Captain, Senator Lindsey Graham. He is a most unlikely Captain, but his explosion during the Hearings demonstrated that the protestors were not the only ones with passion…excluding Judge Kavanaugh of course.

The new Rugby team Manager, Senator Mitch McConnell, has his new team hitting above their weight right now, but the experience of the opposition is formidable. It is getting tougher and today the “R” team is expected to barely win. But it is a big win, a huge one.

The “D” team is already crying ”FOUL.” They are not accustomed to getting beaten by guys like Graham, and McConnell, and are looking for some new members in November.


Game Changer

The Democrat leadership, cynically, used a legitimate sex abuse problem to try to block a conservative member of the most powerful court in the world. Dr. Ford wanted anonymity and some Democrat somewhere decided not to grant that.

The Democratic Leadership jumped on the situation to try to stop a yuuugh nominee to SCOTUS, an individual who will solidify a conservative vote. Schumer would have led a fight against Jesus Christ to stop a generation of conservative decisions!

Republicans have not, prior to Garland, played this game, but after what happened to Robert Bork and Justice Thomas, Republicans decided that hardball could be played even by smarter sides of the isle which in the past had relied on brains rather than brawn.

The angry reactions by Lindsey Graham, and Kavanaugh himself show that Republicans have grown a pair. The Left, which has shown no judicial impartiality (think Ruth Bader Ginsberg), demands Kavanaugh impartiality, but Republicans have learned to play the game.

Good! Vote!

I am so pleased that the FBI finds no terrible information on Judge Kavanaugh, then the Democrats will vote at least 96-3 for conformation.

No? I don’t understand why not?

What do you mean he is too conservative? The Republicans voted overwhelmingly for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 96-3 and she was known to be the single most liberal vote!

Oh! Conservatives are evil? Well, that is hard to argue with, since that is purely subjective. Speaking of subjective, does Kavanaugh’s deportment before the Committee bother you?

Yes, I can see it does…but he was publicly called a serial rapist. (You call me a serial rapist, and I become a pit bull with a bad toothache…)

Recovering our Lifestyle

The Phoenix area floods look terrible on TV, but mostly because the residents of that fair city are not accustomed to such floods. Of course most of their residents are here in San Diego if license plates are any indication.

Arizona residents, (called “Zonies” locally,) escape their Summer Heat here, just as Canadian’s (called “Snow Birds”) escape their Winters here.

It’s about time for the Zonies to go home, but the floods are terrible, so perhaps things will get off the usual schedule. Here in San Diego we are expecting our first rain in many months…perhaps a quarter inch locally, which folks on the East Coast consider morning dew, but this is a major event for us. Our temperature will drop into the mid 70s in the “rain.”

My Night Blooming Jasmine (which is not a real jasmine at all), is putting its sweet perfume throughout the neighborhood, as it does several times a year. All in all, a delightful time Of year as we regain our restaurants and public events back from the visitors for a few weeks. Our freeways become less crowded with folks who understand our local driving habits.

Ahhhh….our residents recover Sea World, the Zoo, the Wild Animal Park and the beaches.

Innocent Until PROVEN Guilty

A tie goes to the accused!

A charge not proven is “Innocent.”

Since Dr. Ford could not get corroboration from even one of the four other people she said were at the party, could not say where it was, when it was, how she got there, how she got home…even the name Brett Kavanaugh was not mentioned in the Therapist notes when Dr. Ford regained her repressed memory many decades in the past.

I have no doubt that she really believed her repressed memory, and that is how she passed the Lie Detector. Her problem was that no one else she thought were there, say they were there.

Judge Kavanaugh was right, this hit job will someday come back around to strike Democrats when the time comes for them to nominate ANYONE!

We Have Learned Something

The Cosby trial proved one thing: We need to do away with Statute of Limitations for rape! Although Cosby is in jail, he should have been sentenced for each of the 50 women whose cases could be proven.

In the case of Cosby, there is a Black Defense Ream saying Cosby is being attacked for racial reasons, and many Blacks in blogs online agree with the racial charge despite a video of Cosby admitting he gave women Quaaludes in his home. Obviously, at least to me, the Cosby attacks were discovered and the case pursued long before Weinstein’s multiple rapes were revealed, but Weinstein must face charges soon to allay those racial charges.

But Weinstein also will have multiple charges that will not be brought because of the Statute of Limitations, and every one of those should be heard. But they won’t.

The Kavanaugh situation would also benefit from a rejection of the Statute of Limitations. With no time limit, the two challengers could not use the law as the reason they did not file a case yesterday. As it happens, those two women would be laughed out of the Police Station because there is not even a shred of anything to pursue, but it would clear the air for Kavanaugh.

In some cases the elimination would convict, and in others it would clear. I understand the reason for the Statute of Limitations…people lose their memories, locations are demolished, witnesses move away, but all of these can now be mitigated by technology.

Justice can now be better served by doing away with Statute of Limitations.


Kavanaugh may well be the victim of the memories of millions of women who have suffered in silence about their own attacks over the years. Those memories now give Dr. Ford the benefit of the doubt, and they don’t give a damn about “innocent until proven guilty.”

Judge Kavanaugh bears the guilt of ages whether he is guilty or not. The New Yorker appears to mention a second case. The pain I have read in the posts of those who have been raped, and while the Kavanaugh situation did rise to actual rape it is rape in these women’s minds.

Because I spent six years in all male military school, 22 years in an all male Navy, and four years at an all male Naval Academy. I do not understand women, but I do understand men. I told my daughters, “all men are awful, some men are less awful. Find yourself a “less awful.” man.”

I have zero confidence regarding the night almost 40 years ago, either one way or another, but I fear Kavanaugh may pay for 50 million years of men’s treatment of women, even if he is confirmed and must sit on the SCOTUS bench under a cloud.

The future holds nothing better. Not for years, decades. Perhaps centuries.