Right to Work Uf For Vote in Missouri

Next Tuesday Missouri votes on making Missouri another “Right to Work” state.

Already a majority of states have such laws, driven by Republican state houses, recent SCOTUS rulings, and general motivation for freedom of choice, but unions still have some political clout left. Unions have always had superior organizational skills, and the ability to bring in support forces and money from other states to try to stem the string of union loses.

In 1970 almost 25% of the workforce was unionized, but today that number is nearer 10%, and the recent SCOTUS ruling that governments do not need to collect union dues will quickly diminish the union coffers over time.

Unions will still have plenty of money next Tuesday for the Missouri vote, but the combined force of the business interests, the elected Republican government are also formidable. Needles to say, the Democratic Party and Republican Party are also aligned to help their predictable interests.

Polls show the subject in a tie among voters.


Tommy is Free! Too late!

Tommy Robinson is free, and was on Tucker’s show last Thursday night.

He was jailed for 18 months in Britain, but freed by a judge in less than three. He was a political prisoner, pure and simple. Tommy’s real crime was in exposing the Muslim rape gangs in Britain, and a Judge had warned Tommy against continuing his exposes of on-going trials. Tommy filmed a report on the trial steps, and was arrested for Contempt of Court.

The real crime was not bowing to diversity. Muslims have raped HUNDREDS of young British girls, and the British government is breaking up the rings and prosecuting the rapists. The government simply believes that any coverage of those trials should by quiet until verdicts.

Now British laws are different from ours, and more restrictive of journalists. Our laws allow a bit of a free-fo-all. The Brits are more authoritarian…the country that brought us the Magna Carta has fallen behind us in speech.

Tommy Robinson was taken to the most Muslim prison, so the That Tommy could be put in solitary confinement for good reason.

So Tommy was protected by the British press, right?


Britain is lost! A judge has finally released Tommy. Too late!

Ivanka is Right

No, Ivanka, the press are not the enemy of the people. Similar to the Second Amendment which has physical costs to maintain, the First Amendment has intellectual costs as the press strays from the truth.that is the truth as we conservatives see it.

And yes, Ivanka, the separation of children was the low point of this administration. To its credit, the administration pivoted, recognizing the negative optics.

It seems that either Ivanka has gone rogue, or more likely it is an effort by the administration to walk back some of her father’s most egregious statements or actions without having him apologize.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Alert!

Four hours ago, Forbes confirmed that Maduro of Venezuela admittedly that his economic policies are a failure.

Venezuela, once the richest nation in Central/South America now has virtually no transit system in Caracas and people ride on trucks. More than two million of the population has fled, with the rich fleeing to the US, and the poor to Brazil.

The question is, with what will Maduro replace his failed system?

Ghost Guns

I hate to tell government, but Ghost Gun designs have been out on the Dark Web for months.

Why anyone would want one is dubious, but the designs stand as a bulwark against gun seizure since a black market in printed guns would then flood the market. With 300 million guns, seizure itself is currently impossible.

Right now, printing guns in the basement is really difficult, and composites are improving slowly. Commercial printers are seriously better than basement printers and advancements are coming swiftly, but it will be a few years before ghost guns are truly useful.

Of course government will try to squelch the design, but inventors are light years faster than government. Right now government’s best argument is that freedom of speech does not entail giving the speaker the vehicle to express those views, but government does not own t(e Internet.

Since the attempt to ban the crossbow in 1096, banning weapons has a checkered past, a useless present, and a laughable future.


The Choo Choo Lobby of railroad enthusiasts is driving California mostly to distraction.

The “Bullet Train” backed mostly by Gov. Jerry Brown, was predicted initially to cost $33 billion, is now estimated to cost $77 billion.

Both the LA Times and The NY Times have had articles in the last few days, and both articles stress the unpopularity of the Choo Choo Train, the slowest Bullet Train in the world when finished.

The California “Bullet Train” must be designed to travel between LA and San Francisco in 2 hours and 40 minutes to meet the standards of the Initiative that passed, and computer calculations say it does with 2 or 3 minutes to spare. As we who have designed computer projections know, few actual results match the projections. (Projections are particularly rosy when billions of dollars are at stake.)

The design calls for bursts of 220MPH and an average speed of 145MPH, neither of which appears possible, although the computer projections say the train can do that. If any more problems arise, and the variable in the computer projection changes, with only 2 minutes to spare currently, the projection may fall into the negative.

The concept initially viewed a partnership between state, federal and investor dollars. Federal dollars are unlikely from a Republican Congress and investor dollars are missing, so the state must go it alone.


California Teachers Average $81,126

Richard Rider, my source for All Things California, reports that California K-12 teachers average annual pay is $81,126.

That is second only to New York, and I don’t regret a single penny but no one can call them underpaid.

It just seems that we are not getting our money’s worth sine our students rank 47th, according to the US Department of Education and have for more than a decade.