No Genteel Smugness, Please

Britain feels so absolutely smug that they don’t have much gun violence.

What they do have is acid throwing. It is not new, having begun in Britain in Victorian Times, and it is primarily a Caucasian weapon, with Africans close behind. Asian attacks happen but not with frequency.

One newspaper says the crime happens in Britain 15 times a week, but as one Doctor says, “…it’s not new and it’s not imported.”

But it is a fearful event, not unlike gun violence. It is certainly not some high tower from which American gun violence can sustain genteel British smugness.


Mexico is Not Our Friend

I understand from an economic standpoint why so many Senators hate a 5% tariff on Mexico, but if they have a better solution to get Mexico’s attention they should bring it.

The Senate has no alternative, because if it did it would have done it. A tariff is a blunt instrument, but it’s very threat brought the Mexicans to the table and we will see what that brings and how closely they adhere to whatever is agreed.

If the Senate Republicans do block Trump he can always close the Border of course. A Court will order it open, but just being closed a few hours will be a message that can’t be missed.

If the Central Americans were coming a few at a time, Mexico might have a leg to stand on, but they come in easily identified Caravans that can be stopped. Doing the stopping without using any violence may be difficult, and Mexico doesn’t want public violence because using violence on Brown people to help the United States will not be popular. Anything to help the US will not be popular in Mexico.

Mexico is not our friend. They must be forced to do what we want because they will not do something that is right, or to help us. They need their private parts squeezed.

Tariffs do that. “Orderint dum metuant”

McCain Tweaks Trump From The Grave

(Chuckle) Months after American Hero, John MCCain has been eulogized, transported, then eulogized, and again transported…and eventually buried at a Naval Academy he did so much to needle while he was a Midshipman, McCain got under Trumps thin skin for the 12th millionth time!

If it were possible for a corpse to grin, McCain is grinning. It will likely not be the last time. McCain, who bedeviled the Academy, the Navy, the Vietnam Cong prison guards, then the U.S. Senate, and finally President Trump, can continue from the grave.

You have to give MCCain credit! I certainly do!

By now you have heard about (probably) some Captain trying to make Admiral by sucking up to the President in covering the fantail naming the ship. The ship was in dry dock so it couldn’t be moved out of the President’s view during the presidential trip to Japan.

The president denies he gave an order to put a tarp over the John MCCain name, and I believe him. My 26 years in the Navy left me with many examples of “working toward the Leader,” or trying to guess what will ingratiate themselves with the leader.

(I never heard of the phrase, but have seen it in action, often.)

The last thing Trump thought he would have to do is to deny he ordered the covering up of John McCain’s name. Then to top it off, the president had to listen to his own Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, praise MCCain: “I would never dishonor the memory of a great American patriot like Sen. John McCain” in asking that the fantail be covered.

McCain got Trump again!

Morning Musings

According to the U.S. Section of the “International Boundary and Water Commission,” some 100 million gallons of toxic waste have flowed into the San Diego County from Mexico just in the past two months.

This has been going on for at least 40 of the past years, day in, day out, unabated and generally unremarked upon, except for surfers and bathers of South San Diego beaches. Finally, lawsuits are bringing some visibility to the problem of being so close to Tijuana.


The Washington Post held a taste panel to discover the best hot dog in America.

I’ll save you the mystery, which is so very predictable…COSTCO was the winner.


According to WaPo, Berkeley, California is having a liberal meltdown over homeless RVs parking on city streets. In a Most illiberal move, the City Council just banned the practice, which equally liberal Oakland objects to for fear the Homeless Vans will occupy that neighboring city.

San Diego has gone through this, first permitting the practice, then banning it, all in a few weeks. California has about half the Homeless population in America thanks to a mild climate and liberal policies, but even the homeless don’t prefer sleeping on concrete.

San Diego just approved a tiny room (30 s.f.) sleeping pod facility with shared toilet/shower use for the overnight travelers at the airport. (I have stayed in a similar facility in Helsinki…not bad at all.) The charge is predicted to be $35 a night. Perhaps that concept, plus huge tents, plus Tiny Homes can help bring this scourge under control.

As one Berkeley homeowner remarked, he has a million dollar home, but the guy in the broken down camper at his curb has a better view!

A Baseball Problem

The Washington Post has a great article on baseball, attributing baseballs problems with pitching velocity! Anyone watching baseball this year can agree…pitchers have too much velocity, and many are over 100 MPH.

True to form, the San Diego Padres announced on the same day as the front page WaPo article, that they were bringing up to a higher level, a 20 year old reliever from Mexico who throws 104 MPH.

The result is that batters are striking out at a record pace…8.78 strikeouts, league-wide, per nine innings. Another result is that teams are using more relief pitchers, trying to get rested arms in the game.

Major League Baseball is considering changing the distance from the plate to the mound, from its historic 60 feet six inches, to 62 feet six inches, or even 64 feet in an effort to give batters a chance. When you read the article, complete with the stats baseball is famous for, you understand the problem better, and no, it isn’t North Korea, Iran or even Venezuela, but it is a problem.


Crime is starting to pay, less and less.

Everyone who doesn’t have security cameras is aided by neighbors who do. Thieves don’t have personal helicopters, so the culprits must walk or drive and neighbor’s cameras catch them coming and going.

My front cameras cover the street and the driveway of my neighbors across the street. My rear cameras cover not just my property, but the green of the golf course behind me. That green has attracted kids in trucks in the past, but now there are several cameras covering every inch of the golf course.

Every night we see on the news about some Porch Pirate caught on camera. How dumb does one have to be not to recognize the number of doorbell camera units in America?

Now I’m certain that the criminal element will find some method to evade cameras, or at least cover themselves so they aren’t recognize. Cars have more problems, and just this morning in San Diego a doorbell camera caught a hit and run on camera.

In some communities, police are organizing camera-owning individual homes to provide ready-made surveillance of public areas and streets, and to be able to quickly track the individuals after they commit crimes.

Eventually,even the criminal class will figure this out. Someone will see them camera Electronics to disable cameras in areas, or at least camera location devices.

For Life!

I grit my teeth every time I write a check to Wounded Warrior, or similar organizations that help those wounded in battle. The US Government that sent them into battle should take care or their every need. That means robotic limbs, houses that accommodate them and cars or track vehicles — for life!

Every homeless Vet should also be the responsibility of the Federal Government.

The government’s send men (primarily) into battle, then wash their hands with the exception of the Veterans Administration. Of course it is better than Britain after the Battles or Trafalgar and Waterloo, after which thousands of war amputees lined the streets of London as beggars…but just barely.

The federal government should provide EVERYTHING necessary to to bring these men who gave so much for their country to parity with their non-combat brethren, and if the government thinks the price too high, perhaps it will be more reluctant to send the men into foreign battle.