One More Thing…

Yes, I know there has been an important Primary Election night, and I’ll get to that, but I don’t want this story to get lost!

The Air Force and the White House have agreed that they should cancel two replacement refrigerators for Air Force One, contracted, single source from Boeing for $24 million.

I just wonder what a single refrigerator for $12 million looks like…and why ANY refrigerator, even one actually gold plated could cost $12 million each.


Will The Last Person Out, Turn off….

The WaPo is reporting that Venezuela is “emptying out” of teachers, attorneys, oil workers, doctors, electricians…

They have lost 12,000 teachers, 2,000 transit workers…and with 14,000% hyperinflation it now takes five days of average workers wages to earn enough to buy a dozen eggs.

It appears that Venezuela has lost 700,000 of its residents so far and it continues at about 5,000 residents each day.

Michael Moore and other idiot Hollywood luminaries supported the Leftists running Venezuela in their Socialist/Communist Government, but we don’t see them flying down

To shake the hand of Maduro any longer.

Moving In The Right Direction, But Slightly

The 7-2 decision by SCOTUS giving some freedom back to the baker who was sued by a gay couple.

A 7-2 decision is NOT a “close” decision as called by some on CNN. It is instead a solid decision, just short of a unanimous decision because the two die-had liberals, Ginsburg and Sotomayor could not be dragged into voting for freedom.

I regret that the freedom is constrained by religion in the decision. The freedom position is that the baker could refuse service, “just because.”

Long Overdue

Trump’s tariff barrage is long overdue!

Short pain, long term gain.

The US is the major consumer in the world, but there are tariffs against us (China charges 25% on US cars). It is not a level playing field, because all previous administrations have given good deals to help the world economy, which no longer needs help.

Time to renegotiate! Obviously those nations who have benefitted will not give up their good deals easily, but the tariffs announced will quickly (?) bring about new negotiations. Trump’s team will claw back concessions.

Spygate is A Nothingburger!

“Spygate” is a nothingburger. Trey Gowdy has more reliability than Trump, hell, my Starbucks Barista is more reliable than a Trump statement, but Trey is walking on hot lava by saying there was no spying on the Trump campaign.

TrumpBots will savage anyone who, even in the slightest any Papal Pronuncio of the Pope in the White House! I spend nearly every waking hour debating TrumpBots over the Hero status of John McCain. TrumpBots, who two years ago thought McCain a hero, today call him a traitor and only because of his feud with Trump.

Trey, who is a certifiably good conservative, would make a great president.

The Keys to Fort Knox?

The meeting between Un and Trump is already a success, at least by their criteria.

The NK gets recognition as a World Power, by meeting the leader of the Free World. The US President gets to check off a campaign promise, and test his negotiating skills.

But the NKoreans giving up the Nukes that got them here? No chance! The NKoreans will chance Trumps kinetic attack, risking everything against the US testing WWIII.

The NKoreans hold all the cards. They have the Nukes. They have the missiles. Our military is badly degraded both in size and spare parts. Yes, we could pulverize the North, but at what risk to bringing in China and Russia, each of which is not too much of a challenge, but both of which together are very dangerous.

Trump has his work cut out. What can he offer, short of the keys to Fort Knox, to get Un to give up “what got him to this point”?

Trump is Being Played

Kim Jung Un is playing us like a violin. You will note that the two Carrier Groups are not off Wonsan, and the NK has given NOTHING, except three American prisoners the NK never should have had! That explosion was at a mountain that had already imploded and could no longer be used!

I’m glad Trump called it all off, but then he will be blamed. Better still he should have gone to Singapore and challenged Un to come.

This “negotiation” has already begun between low level people who cannot make decisions, but it is apparent that the first negotiating positions (Total disarmament, and gradual disarmament with US matching concessions), are non starters.

NORMALLY (whatever “normal” is when dealing with the NK) the US has been down this Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown scenario us for 24 years, after Jimmy Carter visited NK without the consent of Bill Clinton…or possibly with.

All during the decades, with Nuclear Monitors or without, the NK has steadily moved forward and today is a nuclear power. We don’t like it, but they have at least six nuclear weapons and the means to deliver a few anywhere they choose.

They are a nuclear nation!

Diplomacy failed. Negotiations failed. The NK has spent the treasure of their nation for decades, and they are getting only the first payoff, a face-to-face meeting with the President of the United States. Not bad for a leader of a prison camp with nuclear weapons. A coup of the first order, and if you can keep the Leader of the Western World waiting, so much the better!

And the two Carrier Groups are nowhere to be seen. The Great Negotiator is being played, as are we all.