Don’t look now…and don’t look long, but at least for today the San Diego Padres are tied for first place in the National League West with the Los Angeles Dodgers!

I’ll be happy if they can end the season in third place, but here at the beginning of the season the purchase of our $300 million dollar man, Manny Machado, has changed the entire outlook of the hitters on the team. The team appears to hit several home runs each game as if the hitters see Machado making all that money and say, “Hey, Rich Guy, hold my beer and watch THIS!”

Machado leads the club in on base percentage because people pitch around him, but he doesn’t lead in home runs…Renfroe does with four, but Machado had his third yesterday and he is coming, relentlessly. In 13 games, the Padres have hit 17 home runs. Several days ago,, the Giants were ahead of the Padres 5-0 in the fifth, but the Padres won 6-5 via several home runs.


Oceans Rise and Fall, Naturally

I watched a news report last night on the PBS News Hour, predicting massive ocean rise as the Glaciers calve or melt in the Antarctic, and with that the risk to areas close to current sea level.

It will be obvious to everyone that I am no expert in glacial ice. My closest approach to a glacier was to fly over an Alaskan glacier in a small plane.

I do know something about history, and I have seen British video about British history. I know, for example that until 1066, British “castles” were mostly Log built Motte and Baille style. You wouldn’t call them Castles in the usual sense of the word, they were wooden forts built on hills, with a wooden wall surrounding a supporting village.

When the French invaded in 1066, they brought with them the modern concept of a Castle, enormous dressed rock forts with 10 foot thick walls, all behind moats and ditches. Some modern castles were built on navigable streams, rivers and even the ocean. The water permitted defense on only three sides, because waterborne attacks were more easily resisted, and rivers and streams permitted fresh water, the Achilles tendon (not “heel”) of all Castles.

To get to the point, the Castles built on waters are now hundreds of yards from the waters they were built upon. The oceans, and navigable waters have changed noticeably since the end of the height of the Castle building, basically 1066 to 1650. Archeologists digging the remnants see the ocean in the distance, or rivers that have become bogs.

What I see with my own eyes on those archeological videos is that oceans rise, and fall. I also read, back when it was first published in 1999, a great book by Dr. Pat Abbott, a professor of Geology at San Diego State, titled Rise and Fall of San Diego. In his book, he said at one time, admittedly millions of years ago, El Cajon was under water.

Those who have served in San Diego know how far inland you can find El Cajon! Now I am certain that human activity contributes to glacial ice melt, but it appears to my untrained eye that it is mostly a natural phenomenon.

I Have 1.5% DNA (Except in Texas)

The discovery of still another form of humanoid on the Philippine island of Luzon makes by my count, five human species, all of which died out over time leaving just our branch of the human species.

No doubt we will eventually discover still more types, but the Concept of an Adam and Eve in a Middle Eastern garden continues to be buried in a coffin with so many nails that it is a Full Metal Jacket.

That won’t stop my fellow Texans — I refuse to accept California — from continuing with that Biblical myth. It will be 10 more generations before they accept Evolution. Perhaps more.

Current DNA can differentiate Neanderthal DNA from our European DNA, and I have 1.5% Neanderthal DNA.

Too Much “Acting”

I hope I am not spotting a trend, but General Mattis resigned when he could not convince Trump not to take all troops immediately out of Syria, then Trump performed his famous “climb-down.” Some troops stay, but we lost General Mattis.

Now, it appears we just lost Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the same way. Trump apparently wanted to reinstate his most controversial policy, child separation, and according to a speech Trump just made, try to blame the child separation policy on Obama.

It may be true but the policy is attributed to Trump in the public’s eye, and that cannot be overcome because the Democratic Party slime machine was successful.

Once again, Trump climbed down, but it cost us Kirstjen Nielsen. Her role will not easily be filled on a permanent basis, just as the Mattis’ role has not been filled. Great applicants don’t even consider these terrific positions because everyone knows that the REAL secretary of Defense is minor military high school school graduate Donald Trump, and the real Secretary Of Homeland Security Is Donald Trump.

And the vacancies pile up. More than 25% of the President’s Cabinet level positions are held by “Acting” and not permanent appointees.

The Avocado Non-War

Do you remember not one but two Carrier Strike Fleets cruising toward North Korea? The message was clear: Denuclearize or Die! Today, the Carrier Strike Groups are nowhere to be seen, Kim and Trump are buddies and not one North Korea Nuke has been destroyed.

Strange! ( But True!)

In Venezuela, we have gone from “all options are on the table” to Russian troops landing at Venezuelan airfields.

And now, The local back…ahh…”climb down,” from closing the border to Mexico has a year’s grace. At 100,000 illegal aliens a month, that is a million more illegals before a required resolution of the Central American Exodus.

Of course it could happen sooner, but the new Socialist president of Mexico is simpatico with the migrants. Actually, almost everyone has sympathy with the migrants…I know if I lived in their shoes I would be in a caravan.

The law is broken, and Washington could solve most of it in a day. The Democrats have a reverse incentive to solve it…they want Trump to twist in the wind. Democrats still can’t accept that their anointed was defeated.

This is not a right and a wrong. It is a clash of two moral rights, but one legal right and one legal wrong. Laws are based on national practicalities, not morality. Morality is the province of religion. America takes in a million legal immigrants a year, far larger than any other nation, however, illegal aliens are wonderful, illiterate folks. They draw down an already badly damaged K-12 California System, and do nothing to improve education anywhere.

If this was happening in northern Virginia, it would be solved in a day.

Collateral Damage

The people I fear for if Trump actually closes the Border are the thousands, possibly tens of thousands of Tijuana residents, most US Citizens who live in “TJ” but work here in San Diego. In a normal market they could rent apartments on this side and just continue to work but the hot housing market here leaves no place to live.

Those smart enough to have an RV can camp on the streets, because the stupid Democratic City Council made the city a Homeless Haven. Homeless folks with RV, or who can buy a partially wrecked RV that can run, or creep, can park anywhere and stay for days in one location. They are called “Homeless” not “Stupid” so they have flooded the beautiful streets of the beach areas of La Jolla and Point Loma and other nice neighborhoods.

So if the TJ residents are smart they will buy an old RV and live on San Diego streets — even their car will do fine in a pinch — heck if you are smart you too can have a Second Home in San Diego on City streets. Free!

Trump could massively impact San Diego in ways he can’t even imagine!

Not Much

The most recent “Presentism” (Placing today’s mores on past people) falls not to salve owners, but Joe Biden.

Now Joe has always been a bit creepy, but suddenly Joe has committed a hanging offense in the Social Justice eyes. The culture change got ahead of him.

So the Social Justice folks have started to eat their own. Joe is probably the only potential Democrat who can give Trump a real competition and the Democrats have cut his Achilles’ tendons over nothing much.