Quick Hits

Readers know of my affinity for DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, and agency that actually works.

(You need to read a great book, “the department of Mad Scientists.”).

You have probably seen the video of Big Dog, and if you haven’t you need to see it on You Tube, but that is a large ammunition carrying “mechanical dog” that has really sure footing for carrying things in combat. It was sure footed, but slow.

Now comes a mechanical “cheetah” which can run at 18 mph! (Actual Cheetahs hit 70 MPH) Eventually, the two inventions (Big Dog and Cheetah) will combine, with autonomous brain and it will become a skilled, fast, sure-footed soldier.

Bot Wars!



Keystone XL:Obama will find a fig leaf to approve this in an election year. There is no way that he can stay the course so he will bow to reality (and the unions) but with the nuance and bow to the Eco-freaks by saying that he forced concessions. For Obama it is a win-win. That’s the advantage of an incumbency…maneuverability and control of the situation.


It should come as no surprise that lobbying in Sacramento rose almost 7% last year when everything else went down.

Lobbyists spent almost $286+ million in Sacramento last year, and like Abou ben Adhem, the teachers union’s name led all the rest with $6.5 million.

If the teachers wanted rules set in place that would improve children’s academic scores, it would be so. What they want is money and job


The stock market is still reacting to the Greek crises, and there is no confidence that Greece can pull it off. ( I have zero confidence!)

The stock market flirted with 13,000 but is retrenching in view of Greece.

Speaking of stock retrenching, the boycotting of Rush by advertiser Carbonite has caused their stock to drop three times as fast as the overall market. I know that I am pre-paid for several years and I have asked for a refund, and I suspect that other advertisers will find a large drop off in their sales. All of them have competitors.



Can anyone, anywhere match the ability of Apple to control the media oxygen? I once thought whomever invented the pink ribbon for breast cancer was a competitor, but no longer. When it comes to secrecy, speculation, strategic leaks and eventual announcements, no one can touch Apple. They simply own the press.


The loss of office by Super Lib Dennis Kucinich is the big news in yesterday’s Super Tuesday! I am sure the president will find a place for him in the administration.



The arrest of six BIG hackers on the heels of the Interpol arrests continues my analogy with the WWII Nazi similarities.

The Nazis parachuted dozens of spies into Britain, but Britain was waiting for almost every one of them and made them an offer they could not refuse — cooperate or die in the morning!

The Brits turned every one of them, and then fed a mixture of real and bogus information to successfully “spoof” the Nazis, for years.

In the case of the Anonymous Big Six (organized as “LulzSec), the FBI “turned” the main culprit and he sang. The LulzSec team had successfully attacked Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, primarily because those corporations refused to permit their use in collecting financial support for Wikileaks.

More heads will roll. The FBI is old, skilled and experienced. The hackers are young, technologically bright, and lack guile.

Eventually, guile wins in the dark science of intelligence.

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