Quick Hits

No reason for me to comment further on the horse race, except to note that in head to head polls, Romney beats an incumbent president who is not being bloodied by infighting. But, it is a long time to November, and there are all sorts of minefields for the putative candidates to cross…


The report that Apple will announce “something” on March 7, and the word on the street is that is the iPad3. That is pretty certain, and that it will include SIRI and twice the resolution. What it is possible, also, MAY be a new Apple TV, but there is nothing being rumored about what that may entail. All I know is that Apple has $98 billion in the bank, and that is more than all but a handful of nations.


Oh, one more thing. The favored newspaper under the Jobs rule was the NY Times. Under the new regime, it appears to be the Wall Street Journal. When I was an Apple store owner back in the late 70s it was apparent that Apple was anti establishment and anti business. Apple has education wrapped up, let’s see if the new regime is less business hostile. And with both H-P and Dell stumbling, there is an opening. Just saying…


The Interpol arrest of Anonymous hackers yesterday  is really just an opening shot, and we can see it as something of a look at a future “roll up” of activists — much like the FBi rolled up the German spy rings nationwide in just a night or two before WWII. It takes a lot of “show prep” before the main event, and you don’t hear much before the curtain rises.


The Social Conservatives have continued to threaten to break out with their vaginal probe legislation, currently blunted successfully in Virginia, but still alive in Pennsylvania and Alabama. Look for the Democrats to seize on this for the national election because they don’t want to have to discuss the economy or the jobless rate


I have posted previously of my interest and contribution to an upstart company through the on-line project called Kickstart, a project that permits startups to pre-sell their product before they actually go into production. “Investors” don’t get a part of the company but rather get to be initial product owners. This next year, Kickstart expects to fund artistic endeavors to the tune of $150 million – private capitalization greater than that provided by the vaunted National Endowment for the Arts.


Speaking of private winning over governmental – The Senate government-run Barber Shop ran a $300,000 deficit last year. The House privately owned Barber Shop, with lower prices, paid a $2,000 PROFIT to the House!

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