Off Vacation: Quick Hits For a Few Days

There are still questions about who really “hacked” Sony.

Programming is a “Black Art” (I am a former programmer, Systems Analyst and computer science professor), and in the Ether anyone can be anyone else.

Tracking back, deconstructing and analyzing a hack is a long and time consuming process. False leads cover other false leads. This is a job for a new Bletchley Park, but it is just possible that NSA alerted the FBI that it had intercepts, and the FBI was covering for NSA  rather than doing the hard work of deconstructing the code.

The question is if it was a disgruntled “inside job” — but no one really knows…yet! I suspect the FBI and NSA are right, but like the shooter on the grassy knoll…



The Brits are scrambling to contain a flood of Bulgarians and Romanians who come for the huge benefits available — paid by Britain even to those family members who remain in Bulgaria and Romania!

Too late, regrettably — the Brits wanted to demonstrate “Diversity,” and they certainly have done so. Britain has slashed its wrists, and it is only a matter of time…there are camps in Calais, France, just waiting for transportation to Britain!

Britain committed national suicide, and they will willingly die, rather than be thought of as “racist.”

RIP, Britain.




The Left, in this case Bernie Sanders, continue to single out the Koch brothers as the bogie-man of political spending, but he is very selective.

According to POLITICO, Liberal Steyer was the largest donor, and liberal Bloomberg was #2. The Koch brothers have donated more obey to charity than Bernie will ever see in his, and his family’s lifetimes!



Everything you need to know about Christmas and technology is that more than half the devices activated by new users during Christmas Week was an Apple product! That is domination.


At 1400 hours on December 31, I received my authorization to get my home underway on SOLAR power — right in the midst of snow flurries. The panels have been up, and connected for several days in bright sunlight, but I was not permitted to throw the switch and parallel the electric power of San Diego Gas and Electric.

It is now operable. My interest was not clean power, but that I could cut my enormous electric bill in half


I support Israel, but their claim that they are an “independent” nation is belied by the fact that we have sent them money for so long they just include it in advance in their budget!

I love Israel, and I love my children, but I cut my kids off when they were 21 years old. I wish we could do that with Israel!




First, almost all men marry above them — it is in the nature of things because men are rotten. Some are more rotten than others.

My wife and I have been married for 57 years, and an unkind word has never passed between us.

The secret is simple: never say “no” to your spouse!




I am astounded that a Court has ordered the chemotherapy of a 17 year old girl, overriding the wishes of both the family and the girl.

Outrageous! Yes, she is technically a minor but Courts start listening to “children” as to which parent in a divorce the “child” wishes to live at 13.

At 17 a “child” is old enough to be listened to about her medical issues? I believe her decision is stupid, but stupid is a permissible offense in America!




The US is planning to close some European bases.

Good! In actuality, GREAT! The Europeans have relied on our charity for decades…the EU nations have between 25% and 50% annual military budgets that we do. They rely on us, while they have about the same GDP as the U.S.!

They have been welfare recipients for long enough!

The Lord helps those who help themselves! The Europeans have NEVER helped themselves, and the U.S. has had to pull their irons out of the fire since WW1.

As a result, we have worn out our ships, tanks and men on a war footing for decades. My submarines were six months at home and six deployed for my entire career, and the six at home were getting repaired. Ships and submarines are not designed for that — and neither are the men.

I had one Skipper who had 21 deployments in 18 years. (obviously, he was divorced.)

Those who favor such activity are seldom those who must perform them.



Europe’s “Tea Party” Wins BIG!

Just so I’ll not step on the lead, let me give it to you — Europe just turned, sharply to the right!

Elections over Europe CRUSHED the left — in France, the Socialist Political party finished THIRD! The French people appear tired of policies that drive the wealthy to buy homes in Britain.

The British/French wars have just moved from canons on sailing ships to business — but the honor of the nations is always at stake, nevertheless.

In Britain as well, the right won going away, and in Britain the rallying cry was to diminish the power of the unelected bureaucrats at the European Union (EU) in Brussels. To a lesser degree this was the message throughout Europe, and it should be noted that the Euro has been falling as well. (Britain, and a few other nations belong to the EU do not use the a Euro as their currency.)

Angela Merkel won in Germany, and she is still the spine of Europe.

Not living in Europe, I can’t say for certain all of the undercurrents of discontent but the dissolution of borders and passport/visas has permitted hundreds of thousands of Muslims from North Africahroughout Europe, once they illegally get to Greece or Italy.

The problems are greater than that, of course — Greece, Spain,Ireland and Portugal have been bailed out multiple times, and like most on welfare they are unappreciative. Germany, at the same time is tired of being the European ATM machine. France’ s 75% tax on the rich has damaged their industry’s ability to hire good managers, and their wealthy are fleeing.

I have long contended that the EU is herding cats, and while you can do it successfully for a short time, in the long run it is just too much.

I am surprised it has lasted so long. Quick reforms from Brussels might save the EU, but the True Believers will resist, making a breakup more likely — led by Britain!

In Britain, the Euroskeptic Independence Party won big — the first time that ANY political party has defeated either the Conservative or the Labour Party, and in this case the Independence Party beat BOTH! The Independence Party now will try to elect a majority to Parliament, to get the promised breakup of the EU by withdrawing Britain.

The only reform the remaining nations could take to continue stumbling along is the re-establish borders, to stop the movement of illegal aliens.