Time For A Court Challenge

Friday, under pressure from the Republican House of Representatives, the National Park Service finally announced that they would bounce the Occupy DC group from two parks just blocks from the Capitol.

The contention of the Occupy group is that they are protected by the First Amendment, and the problem is, “What is speech?” The Courts have expanded the word “speech” to include” activities” and ruled that placing a crucifix in urine, for example, is “speech.’

Then, is “camping” speech when it is used as an expression of political discontent/

That has been the question in every locality where the Occupy Movement has been protesting.

The National Park people had not evicted the protestors because they were in fear – realistically – of a court challenge on the First Amendment, but court cases take a long time and Congress has the purse strings and can cut the National Park Service budget quickly.

That threat is immediate, so the protestors will (eventually) be evicted.

Hopefully, the Occupy Movement will get to the Supreme Court where some sanity can be restored to the definition of “speech.”