Prostituting The English Language

One standard reply from Progressives about the “Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA)” is that the president was elected, and that poll is the only one that counts, since he ran on the subject.

(I don’t recall Democrats saying that since Bush was re-elected while in Iraq and Afghanistan, that his re-election meant that the subject of Iraq and Afghanistan was moot.)

Obama was elected because the Republicans (of which I am not numbered) elected the next in line, as they always do, instead of new blood.

That does not excuse Obamacare, which EVERY poll shows id unpopular.

Am I happy with the current situation? Well, it works, has for generations, and does not need tinkering. The poor get served, and there are federal, state subsidies, and yes, Insurance companies also kick in and the wealthy pay more for insurance. Exactly as it still will be, but without the taint of welfare — to make the poor feel better about their taking charity.

It is much like Food Stamps, called an EBT Card in California and referred to as CalFresh to remove the stigma of welfare, is STILL welfare, much as paying “Earned Income Tax Credit” for income NOT earned, and taxes NOT paid is STILL  welfare.

You can give away live scorpions in a bottle from the back of a truck if people think of it as “FREE.” It is the scourge of this culture that governments, ALL GOVERNMENTS, have prostituted the language so that charity and welfare are covered by innocuous verbiage, so the populace feels good and no longer feel the shame of charity from whence they would otherwise wish to escape.

So “Food Stamps” become “CalFresh” and you can apply on-line instead of standing in line with derelicts at the Welfare Office; and you can get that complete prostitution of the English language, “Earned Income Tax Credit” which is NOT earned, and is a credit on Taxes NOT paid! That old saw about the Holy Roman Empire, which I was taught was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire, has been replaced by the term “Earned Income Tax Credit.”

It is, like the ACA, not affordable (unless subsidized by the taxpayers, sub rosa), nor does it provide Care It provides insurance. But so long as it is FREE with no cost to the taxpayer (the government pays for it all :-), the people will say, as they do in Canada, “Three Cheers.” They also said that in Greece, until the reckoning.

There will be a reckoning.

(Now, where are the scorpions in the bottle? Bring on the scorpions!)

It is still charity, but with government paying the subsidy, we can pretend that the government pays for it and it costs the taxpayer nothing!


Feel good legislation.

Bad Decisions Lead To Income Gaps

There is increased interest in the “Income Gap.”

In the case of recent events, government pumping has made stock prices rise, un-naturally, and that has fed high income earners, but that is not the long-run problem.

The long-range income gap is caused by inequality in brain-power (which is natural and unchangeable), and poor decisions (which can be modified).

The result of the above is either greater or less education, and education is the key to income. Some people can’t get more education because their brains cannot comprehend complex concepts, but those are relatively few people.

Most people who do not get education do so because they hate school, and think an offer of $10 an hour offers them the potential for a future and it certainly beats more education, in their minds. This is simply a bad decision.

The last part is making bad decisions regarding careers. A university study showed that the lifetime average income of a social worker was $35,000 while that of petroleum engineer was $112,000. There are worthless degrees that may make a student feel good, but they don’t provide a good living for a family.

Bad decisions result in poor income, It is visible in most families.

Quick Hits

The District of Columbia City Council failed to overturn the Mayors’ veto of the try by that City Council to enforce a $12.50 an hour starting wage ONLY on Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart had threatened to stop building their six stores if the bill had finally passed. Now that the bill is dead (at least until the stores I are built),
Wal-Mart will now build their stores.
Consumers 1, Unions and Progressives 0
Did you hear all of those reports that the Navy Yard shooter used an AR-15? That information — which was false — was based on an Associated Press report.
The shooter began with a shotgun, a weapon that is not even banned in Russia — so I suspect the anti-gun nuts based their ire on the AR-15 report, because no one, absolutely no one is calling for banning shotguns. The shooter never used, nor had access to any AR-15.
Here is a prediction: Mike Aguirre, who is running for Mayor to replace Filner, will out-pull Anthony Weiner (5%) by fewer than another 2%. San Diego voters may be crazy (as demonstrated by electing Filner), but they are not necessarily stupid.
O. K. we will see if they are also stupid.
Mike is a city-wide IQ test.

Quick Hits

The Escondido school board has appointed to its board, a former student who was the student representative to the board decades ago.


Once again, someone who has never signed the front of a paycheck, assumes the financial management position of a mulch-million dollar corporation — one in which her only experience was as a buyer of the product.

Sorry, but this public school mess belongs to the voters who vote for that really nice (lady)(man) down the street who couldn’t personally manage a successful ice cream parlor, and suddenly they are under control of a professional staff of bureaucrats to whom they are beholden for all information about the organization, about which the elected or appointed official personally understands NOTHING.


Want to solve the prisoner release problem tomorrow morning?

Simple! Pass a law that all released prisoners must be housed in state-owned houses within 100 feet of a Superior Court Judge, or Appellate Judge.

The state will only have to buy a few houses before judges throughout the state get the message. I wrote a business plan for such a plan, called the Gander Society, because what’s good for the goose…


Fast food workers are striking, nationwide for $15 an hour.

Hey! If a little bit is good, then a lot more must be better! How about $100 an hour, minimum!

Actually, I am surprised any of these people have a job. Any self-respecting mechanical engineering firm, coupled with a couple of computer systems engineers can build a robotic fast food system over their lunch hour, using off-the-shelf hardware.


Quoted with no comments necessary:

“Texas is home to six of the top 25 cities for global trade, according to a new ranking from Global Trade magazine based on which areas posted the largest export growth from 2010 to 2011.”

It’s Bigger Than Filner! (Much Bigger!)

The mayoral race is just the City Council race, or even the school board races or an HOA writ large.

Voters elect on the (D) or (R) behind the name, or because they like the politicians looks, or speaking ability, or because they are a Progressive or Conservative all regardless of ANY demonstration of actual ability. It all starts with people with an HOA mentality, who acquire a subtle megalomania complex and think they can solve the (fire board)(school board)(city council) problem. These are (sometimes) nice people, but generally people with zero knowledge — and often people with zero ability — people who could not manage a local book store, or cyber cafe.

Somehow, voters forget that in the end each elected position is a management job. The U-T is currently featuring the appointment to the Escondido School Board, a person who served on that board as a non-voting student! This is emblematic of the Filner, and political problem in general.

Would we elect to the Board of Directors of Apple Computer, a person whose only experience is that they had bought an Apple Computer? Absolutely not!

Why then do we voters continue to support and elect people with zero management experience? Filner was a professor (without management experience), a city councilman (without management experience), a CongressCritter (with no management experience) and finally, the voters elect his to be the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation.

The mind boggles


They Knew!

Progressives should be held accountable? Not all, but some.

 Filner should not be the only, or even the major object of their scorn. He is what he is, and has been what he has been.

First, on the positive side, Donna Frye and her cohorts, Progressive lawyers Cory Briggs and Marco Gonzalez of the first news conference. Assuming they did not have prior knowledge, they spoke out first, loudly and clearly. They deserve credit. Clearly Todd Gloria lined up quickly with the right side.

Now the negative ledger of the Progressives, and it is a long list with “organized labor” still unwilling to admit Filner should resign — even after he has agreed to resign. Enrique Morales, so-called “immigrant advocate” is also still in the Filner camp.

Then there are City Councilwomen Marti Emerald and Myrtle Cole, who deserve to both lose their Council seats because they had to be dragged, kicking and screaming to the light. Francine Busby, who heads the SD County Central Committee also deserves to be condemned because she hung the vote in the first go-round vote of that organization.

That they are women just makes their continued support of Filner just that much more insidious. If the Progressive movement intends to regain the high ground, these three women need to be assigned to political oblivion.

The Progressives who warned the Democratic Central Committee in advance of Filner’s election, would have done better to have warned the voting public. Their silence cost the voters, and eventually cost the Progressives their credibility.

They knew.

Lesson: Lock Your Doors

Crime is rising in many California cities, and all would be wise to increase their vigilance because the release of tens of thousands of California inmates will take its toll.

One of the problems is that inmates are categorized as non-violent or violent based upon their LAST incarceration – so someone with two violent attempted murders but whose last criminal act was spitting on the street would be classified as “non-violent.”

Liberals, who write these days and are not commenting on Filner, deny this obvious problem.

Perhaps those who disagree with me will believe the liberal LA Times:

” A 2006 Times investigation found that nearly 16,000 inmates released early were rearrested for new offenses while they were supposed to be in jail. Sixteen were charged with murder.”