We Need a Truce!

The Fox News Channel is losing me — I hate being proselytized by Christians, and I am starting to dread Fox the way I fear the Bible-Thumpers who ring my doorbell.

Clue, Fox: Not all Conservative/Libertarians are devout Christians who want a new incarnation of Jimmy Swaggart!

Stick with the news. There are plenty of religious channels!

On that subject I have un friended my second Facebook friend — one I have known for 35 years — over her constant religious postings of devotional posters. When it was one or two a day, that was acceptable, but when it constantly was upward of 10 — I gave up.

There is a constant cry from some Christians that they are being persecuted by Atheists who demand an unreasonable separation of Church and state, and in this the Christians are absolutely correct. While this is not a Christian nation, it was certainly founded by devout Christians, and if not Christianity per se that our laws are based upon, certainly it was religious morals.

To understand at least Thomas Jefferson’s beliefs, one need only order the “Jefferson Bible” from amazon.com (as I have). Jefferson personally cut and pasted the moral lessons of Jesus — but without the miracles and other superstitions. He pasted the parables, side by side in English, Greek, and Latin.

Those “Christian” morals were universal before Christ. They were part and parcel of the ancient Jews, and are the moral basis of all religions — they are universal rules to live side-by-side.

All Moral people abide by those Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule — people with no religion at all use those same concepts — because they work, and not because some Middle Eastern Sky God commands it!

But, there is now as much pushing Christianity among Conservative groups as there is bashing Christianity among so-called “Secular Humanist liberals.”

I wish everyone would simply stand back and take a deep breath. I don’t want crosses removed fro their historic sites, and I do not want Christianity pushed by Fox News in general and Bill O’Reilly in particular.

We need a truce.