Must See Videos

Normally, joke YouTubes are not my bag, but two caught my eye.
The first if you have not seen it, is “The Obama Phone Lady” – who was picketing outside a Romney Rally. If you haven’t seen it, she is hilarious!
It is easily on par with the ObamaStash Lady of the mid-terms, and like that one, this one has been declared “Racist” which means it hits too close to the heart!

The second is a promo for an event with Steve Bridges – who made some fame with his impersonation of G.W. Bush. This time it is Obama that takes the hit.

Life’s Guilty Pleasures

While I share most of the “guilty pleasures” of others, (chocolate)(fast cars)(a well turned ankle) I have one not shared by many of my friends — Bach.

While there are musical pieces by many other composers I like, I have found nothing by Bach I don’t like. His music is at once complicated, with a melody and counter going on at once, but the melody is discernible through it all. Organ, piano, guitar, lute, clavier, it is all just perfect.

I only mention it because I just discovered a guitar album of Bach by Christopher Parkening. I had gone to iTunes to find a great guitar piece by Stanley Meyers called Cavatina, when I ran across this album.

In my real estate business, I am a throwback who actually likes Open Houses while most Realtors don’t. Open Houses make a seven day workweek for Realtors, so they tend to avoid them, but I enjoy them and like to provide my own music, sometimes light (George Shearing), sometimes upbeat (Fourplay) and sometimes anything Bach. (A Well-Tempered Clavier) but to this mix I must add Parkening Plays Bach.

(My clients only say I must represent their home, they don’t say I must be uncomfortable.)

My musical taste is fairly catholic, including even Western, Big Band, Hawaiian, Git-fiddle included in the 3,000+ songs on my iTunes. (No rap or Heavy Metal. )

The mix is about 50% classical, 25% modern and classic Jazz, and 25% “other.”

What is really neat is to play my music remotely through my main Bose system throughout my house using an iPad connected wirelessly by Apple TV. I can sit in a Lazy-Boy and generate a playlist and it plays for hours exactly as my mood dictates.

I love technology! All those wires I ran so carefully to connect things, now sit idle.

Time For The Hook

Long-time readers of this blog know that I often watch MSNBC, and I did last night just to get their take on the Ann Romney and Chris Christie speeches.

I did not watch the speeches, because the reaction to whatever is said is more important, politically, than the speech itself.

All I can say about the MSNBC liberal round table is that the cartoonist for Mallard Fillmore (Bruce Tinsley) predicted the reaction to a tee. His morning cartoon had one TV analyst saying to , “…up next in our GOP Convention Coverage, we’ll check in with our snide-comments correspondent and then we head to the floor to see what our disdainful-snark correspondent is up to.”

I love to watch Rachel Maddow because she is liberal, bright, witty and pungent, but last night she was both snide and snarky. I am not certain if she was off her game, or if her show is normally scripted and she does not ad lib well. My other favorite on that channel is Chris Matthews, who has more political experience than almost anyone, and it looked like it last night. Too much time spent in gaining experience — he just looked tired. If Obama once sent a tingle up his leg, he just looked to old to enjoy it.

Conventions, which once made political sense, and following that made some TV entertainment sense, now do neither.

Time for “the hook.”

Liberals Have No Shame

(Corrected Copy: When I tried to source the previously mentioned Freeman quote I was unable to find it, so I have deleted it and attached a more easily cited situation.)

I think that I can say with some conviction that liberals have no shame.

Protestors from the liberal Think Pink organization protested at the Republican Convention by dressing up as vaginas, stretching from head to knees.

Yes, you read that right, but probably it will not be shown on TV. First, it is at least unseemly, and second – and most importantly – nothing will be reported in the MSM

And this headline on Fox:

“Ellen Barkin Hopes Hurricane Kills ‘Every Pro-Life, Xenophobic, Gay-Bashing SOB’ At The RNC”

When it appears things are not running well for President Obama, the previously untouchable rock star, the libs come unhinged.

Bring In the Clowns

The attachment of Donald Trump to the Romney campaign will, I hope, be forgotten by the time of the election, because Trump is a clown.

A wealthy clown, to be sure, but more showman than serious thinker.

Or thinker at all.

He is as serious a person as Barbara Streisand, or the Kardashians, neither of whom are taken seriously for their political opinions but certainly each could raise money, as could Lindsey Lohan. There is no more reason to respect Trump’s political opinions than Lindsey’s.

Trump will be no more than a sideshow in the election, and his “participation” should be both started and ended as quickly as possible.

Aside From Her Middle Name…

I am about as stupid on the subject all pop music as anyone. My taste runs to classical, particularly anything Bach, and/or soft jazz of the Modern Jazz Quartet or Fourplay.

The only reason that the subject of pop music comes up at all is that there is a female vocalist whose name is Amanda Palmer.

Now Amanda’s claim to fame is that she is taken as her make her middle name, a word that I prefer not to use in this blog but you can Google her name, and her  middle name will appear.

If you prefer just a hint, it starts with “f”

What I find interesting about Amanda Palmer is that she is one of those who is taking advantage of the Kickstarter “crowdfunding” phenomenon. She went public and raised $100,000 in the first seven hours in order to perform and sell her album on the web, without going through a major music production company.

So, while I can’t say I appreciate her shock tactic middle name, or her “music” – still I can appreciate her disintermediating the music moguls.

As one who was kicked out of a high school football game for using the word “hell,” I am appalled by the casual language of youth today. After 26 years as a sailor it is not that I have not heard and used all of those words, but never in mixed company.

And Now, The Rest of the Story…

Let me admit that I am addicted to a history series in The Daily, much as I once was to the Paul Harvey radio series, “And, Now, The Rest of The Story.”

This week the Daily had the history of drones, and just today there is a new chapter being written as a Sunday drone strike killed three terrorists in Pakistan.Pakistan is much exercised over our use of drones in their airspace.

But the history of drones was fascinating to those of us old enough to remember Reginald Denny. He was a movie and Broadway star with 60 movies, you may recall him in My Fair Lady, but he became interested in radio controlled airplanes in the 30s and in 1935 opened a radio-controlled airplane shop on Hollywood Boulevard.

In WWII, his company produced 15,000 balsa wood drones for the US Air Force. They were low and slow by modern standards, with a 22 HP engine that could reach 140 MPH, only for an hour.

A sidelight was that toward the end of the war (1945), an Air Force Lt. named Ronald Reagan sent a film man to film the factory, and there the film man saw a beautiful girl working on the assembly line. He advised the 19 year old to go into movies.

She took up his suggestion…her name was Norma Jean…

Yep! Marilyn Monroe!

On a related note, I have often expressed my appreciation for DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.

They run various Challenges for the Defense Department, and in this case for new drone concepts in  the May time frame for a $100,000 prize.

You can see some of the finalists of the drone challenge at

(Some of the short videos are pretty amazing!)