Media Mash

The head of CNN (Jeff Zucker) blasted both Fox News and MSNBC for representing, respectively, the right and the left, while claiming the CNN represents “news.”

CNN does have a problem — Fox News has more viewers than both CNN and MSNBC COMBINED!

(One waggish Blogger said that more viewers are watching Sonograms at any given time, than watching CNN!)

I watch CNN and MSNBC, but only to see what subject matters they are covering. I watched Rachel Maddow, until Megyn Kelley got her program, and I still bounce over to MSNBC when there are commercials on FOX. (Last night that told me that MSNBC was “All Christie, all the time.” Boring…)

CNN has turned to Gross, I suspect to try to get the seven year old demographic,and Anderson Cooper — an otherwise decent TV personality — leads the way. Too bad! CNN could, and should  do better. If it wasn’t for their international audience, CNN would be extinct.

Meanwhile, a REAL Fight about TV will be settled by the U.S. Supreme Court — and SCOTUS will determine if Aereo can do what they already do in a dozen communities, and that is retransmit over-the-air TV signals.

Cable companies HATE Aereo!

Cable companies have had virtual monopolies for decades, and have milked the public mercilessly – and along comes a competitor who doesn’t have to rip up streets (very costly), or satellites, and replace them with a large number of small, cheap antenna on surrounding hills to simply retransmit regular over-the-air signals from the networks.

Of course one does not get to watch the Kardashians, or Duck Dynasty (like so many others, I have seen neither), so it is not full coverage but at an apparently much lower cost than cable.

Options are good.

Holder! Get Under the Bus!

It is now out in the open — Eric Holder personally signed on to the search warrant that targeted James Rosen of FOX News that described Rosen as a “co-conspirator” because he sought to be a journalist.

It is the job of the government to protect secret information, and it is the job of journalists to get information. Responsible journalists then must filter the secrets they do discover out of dissemination and those who don’t and cause demonstrable damage should be criminally charged.

Every journalism organization is justifiably outraged by the overreaching activity of the Justice Department, first by the AP disclosure and then by the Rosen discovery.

Holder is toast, and will be the Sacrificial Lamb of the administration, because someone HIGH must be sacrificed to act as a firewall for the president. There will be other people sacked, of course, although probably not as many as should be sacked. (Remember Fast and Furious? Not one person fired!)

Holder has been a great lightening rod for the administration. He has stalled investigation, impeded, slowed, and in the case of he new Black Panthers actually excused criminal behavior. No one can argue that Holder has not served his master well, only that he did not serve well was his ultimate boss, the American people.

I’ll Watch The MSM Carefully

The Benghazi hearings may well be a smoking gun – but it all depends upon how the networks tell the story, and I don’t have much hope there. We shall see in just hours, but it will require that they not just report but assign reporters to follow up on the threads of the story.

You may recall that the Watergate mess, where no one died and it was indeed a two-bit burglary, was highlighted and headlined for WEEKS.

Despite the feel-good of the conservatives, FOX News is just a tiny portion of the overall news gathering business, and while it dominates the cable industry it is barely a pimple on the ass of the networks. That is regrettable, but it is true. Yes, networks are losing viewers and cable gaining them, but it is still no contest.

Added to that, the general knowledge of the political consumer is strictly fourth grade level.

All of this to say that the Main Stream Media still dominates, and whatever impact Drudge, Rush, and O’Reilly have is only to the already converted and convinced.

Conservatives are just like liberal New York Film Critic, Pauline Kael, who is reported to have said of Nixon, “How did he win? No one I know voted for him.” That is probably a digest of what she actually said, and it is used to demonstrate the stovepipe in which liberals live, but conservatives are just as guilty. We tend to associate with other conservatives, and we probably wonder how Obama won a second term because no one we know voted for him.

In truth, the majority of Americans are clueless – not just about politics. While everyone should work to change this, it is far beyond the ability of FOX, or Drudge – or any combination of people – to change in our lifetime. It is obvious that people, in general, believe, both individually and collectively, they can consume more than they produce, because they believe that others will produce more than they can consume and share.

A Four Point Stall

There is  a push by the media to overlook the Benghazi situation by the Main Stream Media, and an equal push by Fox News and conservative radio to push the issue.

The Obama administration wants to pull a Fast and Furious, and delay any investigation until after the election, while people on the ground during the attack are unwilling to let this wait that long.

In plain English, they were scared, lost friends, and are angry.  Really angry, so they have gone to a sympathetic ear at Fox News and have told the story that has been spiked by the administration, and been purposely overlooked by the general media who know what happened but do not wish to embarrass the administration.

By their silence they consent to the coverup —  the same media that trumpeted Watergate, a coverup of a burglary, but in this instance FOUR brave men died.

Worse, they died fighting but while asking for backup that never came.

Shades of the US Pueblo (AGER-2) which also had communication, asked for help and it didn’t come, and the USS Liberty before that.

Those the people in Benghazi who were protected long enough for evacuation, are the ones spilling the beans after SIX WEEKS of official deny and delay. those evacuated know that audio and video exist, and that no one outside the administration has heard them — and probably wont until after the election.

if the administration can stall just 10 more days, they will have a success in their “Four Point Stall,” but SOME major news outlet or major news anchor may decide to play Woodward and Bernstein and break the news on national TV before the news breaks elsewhere.

Make no mistake, Fox, WSJ, and talk radio have huge audiences, but it is the same audience and it is not necessarily the independent audience.

The story told just as we now know it, told on the networks nightly news would be huge — just don’t bet on that happening, although the news business is a competitive business and someone may break away just out of fear someone else will beat them to it.

Are Apple Product Buyers Richer?

FOX News reports that Orbitz travel data mining has determined that those who search with Apple computer products make $20,000 a year more than those who have a WinTel PC, and those with Apple products spend 20% more in food and hotels than do those WinTel travelers.

Consequently, Orbitz proposes higher level hotels and restaurants to those who search with Apple products.

So, if you “dress down” to shop for products like automobiles, better shop with your WinTel product, assuming you have a choice.