Mon Dieu!

And you think we have problems?

Le Monde, the left-wing Bible of France, reports last week that the French are about fed up with their Socialist President Hollandes economic policies.

In fact 70% disagree with Hollandes tax policies, perhaps because the French soccer teams intend to strike over a 75% tax on income over one million Euros a year. Some 80% of the French think the economic policies are misguided and excessive.

The fact that literally THOUSANDS of French businesspeople and even students who aspire to economic advancement have fled France has some obvious negative impact upon the Hollande popularity.

France is in more turmoil than we are and now they find their noses out of joint because it turns out that the culturally nferior Americans are tapping their phones, and the French intelligence (which is actually pretty good, and spies constantly on American businesses), has not discovered the American snooping much less blocked it!

Mon Dieu!