Wake Up Call!

Toyota is moving its Torrance plant to Plano, Texas


The question is, will this awaken the somnambulist legislature.

The short answer is No!

It is not somnambulism, it is ideology.

It must have been about 1981, when as a corporate CEO, I was invited to meet with the CEO of Sony, (Akio Morita), who was in Rancho Bernardo to celebrate the millionth TV set manufactured at their huge factory there.

It just happened that at that time the California legislature was considering a bill that would tax international corporations with a presence in California on their INTERNATIONAL SALES AND INCOME.

Akio Morita told me that if that passes he would move all Sony facilities out of the state — the measure failed in Sacramento, but Morita couldn’t take any chances of revival, so his next expansion was to Georgia with, as I recall, a 600,000 square foot plant.

No one stand still while being kicked in the shins!

If they can move to stop the pain, they will!

Toyota did!